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Designed to suit and built to last.

With over 30 years experience in the

beverage industry, AGITO understands your packaging and operational needs.

Talk to the best in Beverage.

Our Beverage Solutions.

Glass, Plastic, Shrink, Cartons

Cases, Pallets

Warming & Cooling Tunnels

Dock Solutions for Kegs & Pallets

Robot Palletising & Depalletising

Modular Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Lowerators, Elevators

Line Control, Line Integration, Software

Development, SCADA Systems

ROROxAGV (2).png

RORO Docks

Bi Directional Roll On Roll Off Docking System

  • Custom designed to suit specific layouts and applications

  • Low level or high level to suit existing docks

  • Integrated Pallet Check System

  • Twin Chain or Triple Chain options

  • Fully integrated safety

  • Simulation for cycle times to optimise throughput

  • Fully integrated to truck conveyor & controlled from HMI


Truck Docks

Bi Directional Keg Load/Unload Docking System

  • Safely load full kegs from pallets onto Trucks

  • Safely unload empty kegs from trucks onto pallets

  • Integrated with semi auto overhead Vacuum Keg Pick and Place Mechanism

  • Stack and Dispense Empty Pallets automatically

  • Automatically extendable gap filler to ensure no gap between platform and truck bed

  • Removable side guides & handrails to ensure safe work area 

Bottle Accum 2.jpg

Mass Flow Conveyors

Transportation & accumulation of PET Bottles, Glass & Cans.

  • Made to order and available in a wide range of sizes & configurations 

  • Gentle product handling, using the latest technology in belting and energy efficient drives

  • High quality components designed for low maintenance

  • Operates in continual flow, allowing for high volume throughput

Bottle System (4).jpg

Single Filer

Singulate PET Bottles from mass formation.

  • Suitable for cans, glass and plastic bottles, round and non-round

  • High speeds

  • Pressureless

  • Multistrand chains use progressive acceleration to pull mass flow product apart

  • Simple changeover between container formats

Mass Conveyor-3 (3).jpg

Accumulation Technology

Transportation & accumulation of PET Bottles, Glass & Cans.

  • Zero back pressure to eliminate product and label damage

  • Maximize uptime by reducing bottlenecks and keeping the line running

  • Increase throughput 

  • Minimize maintenance costs

  • Shrink equipment footprint


Elevators & Lowerators

Elevating and Lowering of PET Bottles, Glass & Cans.

  • Optimise floorspace

  • Fixed or Adjustable width conveyor - allows you to quickly change products that are different sizes with the turn of a hand dial

  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel construction

  • Vertical design eliminates excessive amounts of conveyor to reach a designated height


Carton & Multipack Conveyors

Transportation & accumulation of PET Bottles, Glass & Cans.

  • These conveyors are designed to handle full pack loads directed to palletizing equipment

  • Low back pressure style chain is the key to minimize damage when products accumulate

  • Used in nearly every application and they easily integrate with existing production equipment

  • Ideal for lines that are constantly changing product types or want the ability to change in the future.

Mass Conveyor-1 (3)_edited.jpg

Cooling Tunnel

Transportation & accumulation of PET Bottles, Glass & Cans.

  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

  • Modular design to allow for easy transport

  • Designed to suit with a range of zones as required for product and cooling range

  • Ideal for Hot Fill Lines to ensure product is optimised for labelling and handling

RobotCell2 (1).png

Robot Palletising

Cartons, crates, cases and bottles.

  • Range of industrial robots included ABB, Kuka, Okura                and Kawasaki

  • Bespoke Gripper Heads designed to suit the product

  • Integrated safety cells

  • Standard Industrial & CoBot options

  • Single SKU, Multi SKU & Rainbow Picking

pallet handling dddd.jpg

Pallet Handling

Handling of wooden & plastic pallets.

  • Pallet Dispensers & Pallet Stackers

  • Twin Chain & Triple Chain Conveyors

  • Pallet Elevators

  • Galvanised Chequer Plate inserts & Heavy Duty Sensor Brackets

  • Pallet De Tierer & Pallet Changeover

  • Automated Mobile Robots (AMRs)

T Car_edited.jpg

Transfer Car

Split your pallet flow into multiple streams.

  • Vertical Pop Up Lift to connect lines at different levels

  • Roller or Chain Conveyor for transferring product

  • Robust design - built to operate in tough conditions

  • Allows you to integrate storage & sequencing

  • Customised conveyor height and cycle time

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