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Starting in 1979, AGITO specialised in machinery installation, maintenance and general fabrication before progressing to the engineering and manufacture of materials handling systems in the mid-1980s.


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By mid-2005, Advanced Engineering had purchased SCADA Systems Management, a company specialising in electrical and control systems. This acquisition bolstered Advanced Engineering's ability to provide integrated systems and data management tools.


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In 2012 Precept Engineering in NSW was acquired, and the core staff joined the AGITO team. A new logo and new branding for AGITO bought these two businesses together under our new motto "advancing automation".


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Initially  known as Advanced Engineering, the focus was on the beverage industry with products being designed and developed to suit the requirements of our large scale brewery clients.  Progress into the food and parcel and post industry occurred in early 2000, and with it, the development of many innovative and unique conveyor solutions.


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The amalgamation of Advanced Engineering and SCADA Systems Management in 2008 led to the formation of AGITO Group, and during this time, AGITO expanded into New South Wales.  An office was established in Sydney to provide local support to our existing client base on the East Coast. 


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Innovation has always been the key to AGITO's success and continued growth. Our R&D program develops new and innovative solutions for our clients, allowing them to improve and increase their efficiency or solve an operational issue.


For over 40 years, AGITO has built an impressive client portfolio and we continue to work diligently on growing and developing these and new relationships.