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January 2022

AGITO in Joint Venture with Hilton Food Group as part of Global Expansion

Australian company AGITO, providers of automation and technology solutions, have announced they have entered into a joint venture with Hilton Food Group plc. The new company, incorporated in the UK, will be owned by founding shareholder of AGITO Pty Ltd and Hilton Food Group plc, with offices and manufacturing in Australia now expanding into the UK and EU.

With a global board of directors made up of both Hilton and AGITO shareholders and executives, the joint venture will allow both companies to broaden their current offer. Plans to extend AGITO’s global footprint and operations have been underway for the last twelve months, and this partnership will allow a more seamless transition into international markets, with support from Hilton to ensure resources are in place to service the expansion plans. The benefit for existing AGITO customers will be that AGITO is now better placed geographically to deliver automation solutions into global markets outside of Australia.


The partnership also gives Hilton the opportunity to invest in a growing technology company, allowing them to utilise AGITO’s specialised automation solutions and experience to directly benefit and improve their existing customers’ value chain, most relevantly in the areas of logistics, distribution, production and data requirements.


Emma Townsend will continue as CEO of the group as a whole and has been appointed a Director and board member to the new entity. Emma will lead the global expansion with the support of both Hilton and the global board. As founding shareholder and partner, Michael Musca will remain focused on business development and innovation.


AGITO have no plans to slow down in the domestic market, and both Australia and New Zealand will continue to be strong areas of growth. Both Hilton and AGITO will continue to operate independently, and all customer and project information will remain confidential.

Both parties see the joint venture as a unique and exciting opportunity to grow and expand their individual businesses. While Hilton manage the logistics performance of their customers’ end-to-end supply chain, AGITO will focus on ensuring the most relevant and cost effective technologies are developed and utilised within this industry and beyond.


For further information, please contact:

Emma Townsend


Tel: +61 (0) 437 556 833


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