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Conveyor Solutions.

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Sortation Conveyors

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Transfer & Accumulation

Mergers & Combiners


Pallet Conveyors

Sortation Conveyors

AGITO offers a variety of conveyor technologies – activated roller belts, cross belt sorters, belt under roller, modular belt conveyor – to ensure seamless product flow for further scanning or fulfilment processes. Designed for versatility, our sortation solutions take products from multiple infeed lines and accurately distribute them to their final locations.

Benefits of sortation automation

  • Secure inventory routing and inventory tracking

  • Can interface directly with order fulfilment operations and sub systems

  • Versatile footprints for a wide range of product types, sizes and weights

  • Scalable solutions for increased future SKU volumes 

  • Accurate and reliable sortation integrated with warehouse management systems 

  • Supports workflow optimisation

Considerations for my sortation requirements

  • Product profile

  • Speed of product flow

  • Operational requirements - Dangerous Goods or Non Conveyables

  • Complexity of order fulfilment

  • Available floorspace & physical constraints

  • Ancillary equipment needs - weighing, dimensioning, scanning, labelling

Types of Sortation Systems

Intralox S7000 Sorter

  • Medium Volume Throughput

  • Dynamic Sort Zone Allocation

  • Smartfill Chute Logic

  • Single Sided or Dual Sided sort

  • Flexible for product size

Cross Belt Sorter

  • High Volume Throughput

  • Modular Design

  • Scalable & Adaptable 

  • Single Sided or Dual Sided sort

  • Flexible for product size

Mergers & Combiners

Arrange products flowing from multiple conveyor infeed lines into a single stream.  Our sortation solutions include diverters, mergers and combiners that help provide smooth transitions.

Transfer Conveyors

Transport conveyors move your products from point to point, and replace manual transport methods with conveyors that reduce product damage and improve operator ergonomics.

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Accumulation Conveyors

Our accumulation conveyor technology includes both zero or minimum pressure accumulation.  It creates a space for buffering and can also help to stabilise production line rates and smooth out fluctuations.

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Pallet Conveyors

Designed to manage heavy loads, we offer chain driven live rollers, drag chains or heavy-duty belt conveyors dependant on application.  The conveyors are supported by appropriate transfers or turntable technology.

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Scalable, adaptable and modular, we can streamline your supply chain, boost throughput, and adapt to the shifting volumes and product mix of your business.

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