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Designed to improve the flow of goods from receiving to storage, and then to shipping.

We can help your business meet growing customer demands, manage vast amounts of inventory, and improve both visibility and traceability for supply chain managers. 

Transform your supply chain.

Our Intralogistics Solutions.

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Sortation Systems

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Automatic Storage & Retrieval



Materials Handling

Warehouse Control Systems

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Integrate a range of sub systems including Overhead Scanners, Weigh Scales, Dimensioners, Labellers, X Ray machines, Printers and RFID Scanners.
Once integrated, our WCS can manage the flow of information between the sub systems, facilitate decision-making, streamlines operations, and improves productivity. 

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Our compact sortation systems are flexible and scalable to meet  your future growth.
We work with you to design an overall layout that suits your operational needs - providing the most efficient use of floor space.  Our Sortation Automation gives your operation increased efficiency and the success is reflected in lower return rates and reduced operating costs.



Our modular systems manage carton induction, sortation, diverting, gapping, scanning and track sort reporting.
The modules are designed to act as a single, integrated machine.
With a variety of conveyor types - rubber belt, modular and roller conveyors - our range includes straight conveyors, alignment conveyors, curves, merges, 30o or 45o diverts and 90o transfers.


Retail, B2B

Assemble orders with efficiency & accuracy

Parcel & Post

Inbound, Outbound & Cross Docking Functionality

Food & Beverage

Intake, Storage, Sorting & Delivering to Process Lines


Scalable, adaptable and modular, we can streamline your supply chain, boost throughput, and adapt to the shifting volumes and product mix of your business.

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