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The implementation of new technologies and automation can transform a business into a more efficient and profitable operation. For some  companies, including retailers and distributors, the technical expertise required to drive this transformation is outside their core capabilities. When they ultimately do drive forward, these companies often use a patchwork of integration strategies and technology.

AGITO provide the knowledge and experience to develop seamless automation and technology solutions that can future proof a customers’ business. These solutions can improve safety, connectivity, efficiency, productivity, operability, cost of ownership, data management, traceability, system communications.

Robotics Soultions -Pallets

Transform with 

Contact us today to see how we can transform your materials handling process.

AGITO has experience in designing complete line solutions for pallet systems.


Pallet handling is an essential part of many production facilities from production through to the final palletising stage. AGITO has extensive experience with pallet handling systems.

AGITO also has experience in the design of complete line solutions for pallet repair systems providing complete system overhauls, repair stations and upenders.

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