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Integration.  Automation.  Control.

We move your business forward with technology.

AGITO are your integrator of choice for high performance automation solutions across the Warehousing, Logistics, eCommerce, Food & Beverage industries. 


We design, deliver and support automation and software solutions across the globe, with offices and manufacturing in the United Kingdom, Australia, Portugal and Ireland.  We also partner with respected suppliers to delivery turnkey solutions and leading edge technologies for our customers - innovative, intelligent and reliable - for today and into the future.

Our commitment to innovation, project delivery & lifetime service means we are always here to grow your business. 


Our focus on building long term relationships and developing our people creates a culture of collaboration and curiosity. 

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End to end hardware, software and controls for your complete system.

We understand the complexity of third party interfaces across large scale systems. 


Our WCS Software works with your business logic needs.

Configurable.  Modular.  Integrated.

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Do you expect continuous performance & availability?

Our Service Packages can deliver proactive care & help lower total cost of ownership.

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Careers with AGITO

Are you the best in your field?​  


Would you like the chance to show

that you can be?

Make 2024 a year of new beginnings.

Our people and our culture drive our success.....

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